IMMI proposal passes it’s first discussion in Iceland’s parliament

From Nieman Journalism Lab:

Iceland’s proposal to become a free speech haven has just passed its first discussion in parliament, unopposed.

In a possibly related note, the European Commission moves forward with talks to admit Iceland, which might not be in Iceland’s best interest.

From Roubini Global:

Iceland’s EU Path: Commission Recommends Opening Membership Talks

* The European Commission on February 24 said Iceland had fulfilled the Copenhagen criteria and recommended opening membership talks. Referring to Iceland’s dispute with the UK and Dutch governments on reimbursing depositors who lost savings when Iceland’s banks collapsed, Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Füle said that there was no direct linkage between the issue and the Commission’s opinion. However, it is unlikely that Iceland’s application will proceed far if the dispute on reimbursement is not settled.

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February 26th, 2010 at 7:01 am