How can Econ-Geeks clearly explain their concerns to the non-Econ-Geeks?

By getting people to join the FCIC’s social media feeds.

    You know how incredibly complicated “Wall Street” has become with dubious benefits.
    You, better than anyone, understand the risks involved that still threaten our economy.
    You & the users of your site have lively, intelligent debates about econ & finance that isn’t making it into the MSM.
    You are also frustrated there is not highly publicized media exposure explaining the kind of conversations you are having.
    You recognize there must be some way to translate the conversations you’re having for the average non-Econ-Geek.

So here’s the idea:

A campaign that involves just 2 moving parts:

    2. Get Econ-Geek type financial blogs to promote this campaign.


    Having “numbers” follow the FCIC will force them to do their job to the best of their ability because so many will be watching.
    “Numbers” will get them more press, more transparency and more people explaining the hows/whys/whatfors.
    Because thousands/millions will be “following” their social media feeds, even more people will get involved to “translate”.
    “Numbers” will force Congress to take the info the FCIC finds seriously and take real action because of it.
    It would just be a little space on your site with benefits without any risk.

Text for your Econ-Geek blog could be as simple as:


Isn’t having people follow the FCIC’s social media feeds a silly, naive idea?

    How else can we ensure the FCIC does it’s job and get media to cover this in a big way?

Why the FCIC?

    They are Congressionally mandated to find out what happened.
    They could serve as a central repository of information that is made transparent.
    They could be able to stay out of the cancerous politics of Washington better than another official organization.

But so far the info the FCIC is pushing out sucks so why should any one follow them?

Yes it does. But how could they let it suck if thousands/millions were following them?

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