You’ve carefully chosen the neighborhood you want to live in. If you purchased your home(s) you’re probably even more committed to your neighborhood. The thing is, most of your neighbors probably don’t know they can lobby their local government to change what they don’t like & inspire improving what they do.

Some things I’ve worked on from the beginning to their successful competition, so far, are:

    • + Shore Drive 35
    • + Preserving Pleasure House Point
    • + Preserving Lynnhaven Boat Ramp & Beach Facility
    • + Preserving 6 old gorgeous live oaks & 2 mid-century cottages
              + Pedestrian love at Shore Drive & Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad

Failures, so far, include:

    • – Aggressive preservation of live oaks
    • – Preserving property near PHP to expand her
    • – Shore Drive not having contiguous sidewalks & bike lanes
    • – Inspiring everyone to tread more lightly on PHP cuz it’s for the birds
               – Preserving  100% of Pleasure House Point

To be continued . . .

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