To Dee

There has never been a day that went by that I didn’t think of you and your family. I have so many great memories over the years of being part of it. You were all vitally important to me for a very long time. I hope you know, I had always tried to do my best for you and your family at all times. I’m thankful I was able to be part of helping you when Ernie tragically passed. The trips you got to experience with your family and friends.  The way you got to hold your grandchild within minutes of his birth. The amazing dinners and family events you were able to experience over your lifetime. Getting to live with your 3 kids. 

You helped me become the man I am today. Without you, as example, it’s very doubtful over 100,000 people so far would have experienced Brock Environmental Center & Pleasure House Point.  You see – I had never heard of an environmental learning center before Dan had worked for one. During the most challenging part of my life – when I was suicidal every second of every day for years and years during my nervous break down, I had seen the signs on PHP it was going to be destroyed.    I was able to get in my head somehow that I was going to use saving PHP and getting an environmental learning center located there as a way to save my life. This success – easily the biggest impact I’ve had on earth – wouldn’t have happened without you and your family.

The overwhelming amount of loss I had experienced in a few short years had completely broken me. I was terrified I was going to commit suicide any given moment.  It really taught me about life and death and my soul and what is important. 

Your love and the love of your family was a crucial part of my life for a long time. I was honored you shared your secret about Gram with me. Being there with you, when you and Gram got to speak that last time was a profound experience for me too.

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out like you expect it.

I’ll always be thankful for the important role you played in mine. 

Until we may meet again,


Read to her by her daughter on Dee’s death bed.

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