ARS project for ESP helps get VRUI updated for LM21

I’m sorry what?

Augmented Reality Sandbox(ARS)

We’re getting to work with the Environmental Studies Program(ESP) to build an ARS based on the VRUI Toolkit. Dr. Oliver Kreylos & partners developed the code for:

Augmented reality application scanning a sand surface using a Kinect 3D camera, and projecting a real- time updated topography map with topographic contour lines, hillshading, and an optional real-time water flow simulation back onto the sand surface using a calibrated projector.

Trying to help move the project & support for it forward, we attempted to use Linux Mint 21 “Vanessa” MATE Edition(LM21) with no success for various reasons. We reached out for help in the Linux Mint Forums and also in the official AR Sandbox Forum. Special thanks to Sean Robinson & billyswong for their work in updating VRUI for use in LM21!

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