Last week I missed the 20th anniversary of my biggest accomplishment

Pleasure House Point Natural Area(PHP), Brock Environmental Center & The Macon and Joan Brock Classroom would not exist without the work by about 25 people who stopped all development on PHP. If just one of those folks weren’t involved, developing PHP would not have been stopped. It’ll be interesting to find out some day how many people – if just 1 person was missing – the fairly complicated deal to buy PHP wouldn’t have happened either.

When The Idea to preserve PHP first appeared in the news.

The foundation will solicit public and private money and seeks to preserve the property for environmental education, said Tim Solanic, an Ocean Park resident and a leader of the fledgling group. 

One follow up article entitled Virginia Beach deal preserves a slice of nature.

Tim Solanic, an Ocean Park resident, spearheaded a grassroots effort to raise $25 million to buy the land from a developer who planned to build more than 1,700 high-rise apartments and condos. The council vote Tuesday validates that effort and others like it over the years, Solanic said.

“Because of a lot of hard work, this is something that can be enjoyed by the entire region,” Solanic said. where The Idea first appeared.

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