Eight & sworn to secrecy

She was eight when taught to lie,

Learned to shut down to try to hide.

Her miscarriages tormented,

Their mental health cemented. 

Decades of love unwound,

How did his death turn profound?

It’s no mystery they shut down,

Stubborn togetherness knew no bound. 

Their collective misery had returned,

Only ignored by how he had learned. 

The excuse you know Dan,

Was theoretically about a man. 

It started when he was a child,

You’d think to illustrate his wild.

In fact it had became,

How he would play his game. 

When life got too hard,

He closed up tight from afar. 

Consequences ignored,

No matter how much they were abhorred. 

+ + +

Inspired by life experience and the work of Stanford Professor Robert Sapolsky & Dr. Gabor Maté on childhood trauma and stress.

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