Epiphany about an unnecessary experiment

The change in communication was so subtle it went unnoticed.  Apparently for far too long as the new lack of – become the norm. It’s difficult to remember if it was noticed after days, weeks or months in the previously communicative partner. The collective grieving and ruminating and now lack of communication never seemed to end. There was no support system any longer that might’ve helped them break out of it. No support system for years. 

His experiment, in retrospect foolishly conceived, would only harm himself and achieve exactly zero of the results he thought it might. To stop being relentlessly ignored. 

Love had played a crucial role for over 20 years in their relationship previously & obviously he thought, it would return. What could possibly have motivated him to consciously eat garbage food & stop exercising to drive his health and vital signs into self destructiveness? He really thought when the retired nurse and her daughter saw his degrading health that that would get their attention so he’d no longer be ignored. 

It didn’t work. Hopefully the epiphany didn’t come too late to regain his health. If you’re wondering if he attempted any other techniques before becoming self destructive. Yes. Eventually speaking bluntly thousands of times also had no effect. 

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