Lived in my fun college small town year round. It had become my peaceful no drama home and I couldn’t wait to graduate and move to get my life started. What was I thinking? I had been in love a couple years and marriage was on the way. I moved back to my childhood home with my parents. What was I thinking?!

I lived there for 2 days before planning my escape. What was I thinking?!  Even though my dad had been encouraging me to “never come back” to get away from her and start my new life after graduating I was drawn back. It was horrible. Worse than my teenage years there. In 2 days. 

Fortunately I had a college fraternity brother & friend living in Philly looking for a roommate where I moved to within a week. Philly was perfect as one of my plans was to get a job, any job at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange immediately upon graduation. I had interviewed with a bank that convinced me my career, no career plan was what I should stick with. 

For reasons I’ve long forgotten, I never did apply at the Exchange. Within months, I had moved back home to save money and live in separate rooms with my fiancé. 

It would be a matter of weeks before my future in-laws drove across the state to have a face to face with my mom over how she was treating my fiancé in my full of drama childhood home. The random, growing toxic drama was never forgotten and would never end. 

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